Snagging inspections Sittingbourne Kent

On Thursday we conducted a snagging inspection for a Redrow, Amberley, three bedroom house in the Regent Quay developent Sittingbourne, Kent. Overall, we thought the property was well built and of a good standard however the snagging inspection did take us 6 hours to complete and we raised over a 100 issues and defects in our 45 page report. The commom issues we found where sockets not in alignment or level, untidy finish in skirting and ceiling corners, nail pops in walls and ceilings, untidy finish along stair stringers, newel posts and spindles, kitchen wall and floor units not in alignment or level. The main area of concern was the flaking plaster and paint work along the lounge ceiling line suggesting a possible leak emanating from the upstairs bathroom next door. Also we noted cold spots in the bathroom ceiling indicating patchy loft insulation.

snagging inspection Redrow Amberley three bedroom house door and windows in Regent Quay Sittingbourne Kent
Snagging inspection Redrow, Amberley, three bedroom house Sittingbourne, Kent

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