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Property snagging

Our snagging inspection teams at Property Snagging Limited and sister company Property Snagging London Ltd are determined to help our clients obtain the highest quailty finish from their developer.

How can I ensure that my new build investment is of a good quality and standard?


This can be achieved by engaging the services of a professional snagging inspector before completion, or shortly afterwards, in order that a professional snagging and observation report can be presented to the developer to enable them to address the snagging issues and defects that are often inherent in new developments today.

No new build is snag free therefore we at Property Snagging will continue to strive to improve the finish and standards of our customer's new property and investment.

Our property snagging team is available to advise and help you; call, email or send us your query via our contact form. You also can book in your inspection today through our secure booking system.

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