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Property Snagging Limited

Registered office address:

45 Moorfields, Moorgate,

London, EC2Y 9AE

Company number: 11058528

About London's best snagging company and inspection service; a cut above other snagging companies.

When it comes to snagging a new build, we're determined to obtain the best finish for our customers.

Working and adhering to NHBC guidelines and standards our highly motivated, London based, snagging company is committed to improving the standard and finish of your new home or investment property.

London's professional snagging company

Our professional snagging company inspect properties throughout London and the greater London area. Our customers are prominently private home buyers and investors however we also work closely, onsite, with developers, contractors, and London property investment companies advising and helping them improve the quality and standard of their new builds.


Our new build snagging inspection team with their vast experience, within the construction industry, provide a pool of knowledge that enables us to professionally identify and record snagging issues that are often overlooked.


We have inspected thousands of apartments across the London boroughs. Subsequently we are determined to improve the standard and finish of a new build by finding, highlighting and reporting snagging defects in a professional annotated report. The report is issued to our clients and, if requested, to the developer within 24 hours to enable the developer to address the issues in a responsive and timely manor.


Our property snagging London snagging company is focused on helping our customers obtain the high quality finish that they'd expect from a new build. 

Choose and contact London's best snagging company and find out how we can help you achieve the new build finish that you'd expect.

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