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Royal Wharf - new builds London

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Extract from our snagging blog

The Royal Wharf development is an impressive Ballymore and Oxley Holdings development next to the Thames Barrier close to Pontoon Dock station.


We've inspected numerous apartments in Royal wharf and found, as in most large residential developments, there are snagging issues and defects that are regularly repeated: door handles not level, socket and switches not level or in alignment or flush with wall, recessed down-lighters not flush with ceiling, untidy mastic finishes, doors and walls with various chips, scratches, blemishes and indentations, skirting boards scratched, carpets poorly fitted and trimmed, flooring and tiles stained and marked.


Often after the snagging inspection of the client's apartment we find that the client is surprised of the number of defects and the thoroughness of the annotated report. That all been said we do find that most reputable developers, which includes Ballymore, will address the issues raised in the report in a professional and timely manner.



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