Common snagging problems

A client recently asked me - What are the most common snagging problems that we come across during a typical inspection of a new build? All in all, this a very good, direct and germane question and deserves an equally direct and relevant answer, so without any further ado, here are the 20 most common snags that we come across during our inspections:

1. Patchy and uneven ceilings.

2. Ceiling lines not straight.

3. Front entrance doors and thresholds chipped and scratched.

4. Door handles loose and not level.

5. Untidy finish in skirting corners.

6. Walls scratched, chipped and marked.

7. Recessed down-lighters not flush with ceilings.

8. Boxed walls and reveals not square.

9. Corner walls not plumb.

10. Door frames not square.

11. Socket and switches not in alignment or level and often not flush with wall.

12. Taps and bathroom fittings loose.

13. Windows and balcony doors scratched.

14. Wall and floor cupboard doors not in alignment, scratched and marked.

15. Flooring scratched and marked.

16. Flooring not flat, level and creaking.

17. Rough and untidy finish along stair stringers.

18. Stair carpets loosely fitted to risers.

19. Rough and untidy decorative finish in utility and service cupboards.

20. Poor mastic finish along worktop and bathroom tiles, untidy grout finish, and untidy mastic finish along window and balcony frames.

Actually there is one other snag that seems to be occurring more frequently than it did in new builds a few years ago; excessive uneven gaps in between the skirting and flooring. Maybe a developer or contractor would like to comment on the reasons for this?

Uneven gap in between flooring and skirting

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