Property snagging prior to completion

New builds Colindale

When it comes to snagging inspections in large developments such as Colindale, Royal Wharf, Manhatton Loft Gardens - Newham, Embassy Gardens and One Nine Elms - Wandsworth, One Merchant Square (City Tower & River Tower) - Westminster, The Spire, Elizabeth House, Battersea Power Station and 101 George Street - Croydon, it is extremely important to push for your snagging inspection prior to completion or shortly after completion. The majority of developers will often try to discourage their potential clients from having an independent snagging inspection before completion because a professional snagging inspector will raise numerous genuine defects and snags that would often be overlooked by the untrained eye.

I firmly believe that this approach does not help the buyer or the developer; would it not be beneficial for all parties concerned to have the snagging survey prior to completion to able the issues that are raised to be addressed while the property is still vacant and the contractors are onsite? If this was the case the developer would have a definitive structured snagging list therefore enabling the defects to be quickly addressed before the property is occupied. This I believe would result in happier buyers while enhancing the reputation of the developer and at the same time causing less inconvenience to both the client and developer.

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