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We inspected a 3 bedroom house in the Countryside Properties development Rochester Riveside in Kent and noted in our 38 page report, that logged over a hundred defects and issues, the following common concerns:

1. A number of hall walls / reveals not square above and along skirting.

2. Carpet loosely fitted to stair risers.

3. White paint in carpets.

4. Flooring - excessive creaking and movement upper floor.

5. Upper flooring dipping in places (not flat).

6. Carpets poorly trimmed along thresholds.

7. Light roses and recessed down-lighters not flush with ceiling.

8. Socket and switches not level or in alignment.

9. Flooring various stains and marks and white in grain.

10. The majority of surfaces, worktops and flooring are dusty, dirty and stained and require a final sparkle clean.

11. Radiators and towel rails not on at time of inspection.

12. Bathroom fan boosters - require checking.

Our new clients often ask if their particular developer rectifies the majority of the issues we raise in our snagging reports, subsequently we thought it would be worth setting up a number of targeted categories where home buyers could voice their experiences in the run up to completion and rate the aftercare they received from their developer post completion.


1 - unsatisfactory

2 - poor

3 - reasonable

4 - good

5 - Excellent

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