New build snagging inspection costs?

If you are considering a snagging inspection for your new build then the costs to engage the services of a professional snagging inspector will need to be taken in consideration.

Snagging inspection

At Property Snagging we are determined to make sure our pricing is competitive, clear and transparent. On average it normally takes our technicians 3 hours to inspect a two bedroom apartment and a further 2 hours to finalise our reports - our aim is to produce and forward a professional, well documented snagging report to our client, within 24 hours, so that when it is presented to the developer it can be used to easily identify and locate the defects raised and subsequently address the snagging issues in a timely manner.

At present our costs for 2019 are as follows:

1. A one bedroom apartment - £285

2. A two bedroom apartment - £295

3. A three bedroom apartment - £325

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