Snagging inspections - doors and door frames

Doors and door frames - an important element to any household's security and appearance. When conducting a snagging inspection of London apartments the front entrance door is our initial observation and first contact with the property and therefore our first impression of what the overall quality and finish of the apartment will be like. We can often and do spend more time on the FED logging snags and defects than any other doors mainly due to the fact that it is constantly in use by all the trades which, more than often, can create a multitude of common snags such as chips, scratches, scuffs indentations and loose handles.

That all been said there is no excuse for defects such as doors not sitting square or flush in the frame, excessive gaps in between the inner frame and wall, paint splashed hinges and keeps, missing or paint splashed intumescent strips, loose or paint splashed hydraulic covers, keep inner cavities not finished or keeps not aligned and fitted correctly, doors rattling in frames, poor mastic finish, missing door stops, and jarring doors.

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