Snagging One Blackfriars

Snagging One Blackfriars

One Blackfriars has certainly changed the Southbank, Southwark and London skyline, so when we were called to undertake a snagging inspection for a one bedroom apartment on the 5th floor of the 50 floor tower I jumped at the chance to view and inspect the One Blackfriars tower apartment.

The Blackfriars tower (developer St George) has received an array of polarised comments and views so putting those aside, and with an open mind and my iPad prepped, I took on the inspection. Stepping onto Blackfriars Bridge it is clear that the tower wasn't designed to blend in but to stand out by visually striking you. The curved glazed Facade seems to melt the colours of the day and roll them round the tower changing the look of the building with every step closer to the edifice.

The shape of the tower is a cross between a crafted boomerang and a delicate, Venetion Murano vase - sorry was getting a bit carried away there - so what about the snagging and the overall finish of the apartment.

The apartment, overall, was of a very high standard and of a good quality finish however, like the majority of new builds, there were a number of snagging issues and defects to address. The snagging defects that we picked up may not be a common theme across the range of apartments in the tower however it maybe worth checking the windows and frames for scratches and marks and also the tiling for chips and scratches.

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