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When choosing a snagging inspection company for your new build survey in the greater London area, we believe that it is crucial to choose a professional snagging company that is based in London; there are numerous reasons for this:

1. Location - because Property Snagging is based in London our local knowledge is comprehensive therefore we're familiar with the majority of the developments in London and also with their snagging issues and defects that occur regularly throughout their new builds.

2. Convenience - most developments in the greater London area are within minutes from our office subsequently we can promptly arrange a snagging survey that fits in with the client and the developer.

3. Communication - our phones are manned 24/7 and we'll respond to your enquiry immediately

4. Reliability - when you make an appointment with us we honour it.

5. Network - we routinely work closely with London's developers, estate agents, aftercare and completion teams to arrange and conduct snagging surveys across London.

6. Efficiency - although our inspections are extremely thorough, and our snagging inspection reports comprehensive, we can deliver your report within 24 hours.

7. Flexibility - if our clients do need to re-arrange, postpone or bring forward an appointment we will endeavor to re-arrange or cancel the appointment at no extra cost to our client (if 24hrs notice is provided).

9. Costs - our costs are extremely competitive with no VAT to pay

10. Follow up - if a follow up inspection is required, to check if the issues raised in our report have been addressed, we can do so at a reduced re-inspection fee.

Property snagging - Marine Wharf - Surrey Quays

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