Snagging inspections

Snagging inspections of converted properties, such as a cigar factory in Bristol, can be interesting but often challenging. We were given a strict snagging inspection window by the developer between 11:30am and 3pm on Wednesday 28th of June to conduct our snagging survey. Normally three hours would be sufficient time to inspect a two bedroom duplex but unfortunately, in this particular case , it was a challenge to photograph and log the amount of snags within the allocated time. In the end the report came to 34 pages with repeated snags throughout. The common concerns highlighted in the introduction of our report were as follows

1. Kitchen/dining room ceiling lines not straight

2. Flooring lifting and dipping in places

3. Carpet loose fitting on stair risers

4. Brickwork - untidy mortar finish, broken bricks, holes and gaps and paint splashed, pipe ends showing (not capped?)

5. Shrinkage around doorframes and window reveals

6. Doors not square in frames

7. Poor tiling finish in bathroom and ensuite, with patchy and untidy mastic and grout finishes

8. Poor mastic finish around window frames and kitchen tiles

9. Walls throughout marked, scratched and chipped

10. Kitchen/dining room windows - unable to secure in an open position

11. Untidy finish around towel rail and most radiator pipes - no pipe trims.

12. Radiators not working at time of inspection?

13. Towel rails not working at time of inspection - no isolator switches

Although our client is not due to complete on the property until two weeks time it will be a formidable task for the developer and contractors to address the majority of defects that we raised in our report before completion.

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