Snagging inspections London

New build apartments in London have typically 60 to 120 snags! Snagging inspections are essential when investing in a new build in the greater London area because no apartment or home is snag free so having your property independently snagged will greatly improve the quality and finish of your new build.

Unfortunately, there are a number of developers, in the London area, that are adverse to new home buyers engaging the services of a snagging inspector before a handover or completion. The developer will often try to persuade the client to undertake the inspection themselves during the actual handover. A typical handover slot for a two bedroom apartment is one hour, considering the client is purchasing a new build and therefore requires the handover to familiarise themselves with their new: appliances, fixture and fittings, home entry system, heating system; air-conditioning unit, underfloor heating, thermostat controls and also the property layout, we firmily believe, it is totally unreasonable to ask the client to also snag the property for defects and issues within in that timescale.

It takes a professional snagging inspector at least 4 hours to complete a snagging survey for a two bedroom new build in London therefore how can a developer expect a non-professional to inspect a property for defects within the hour handover slot?

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