Snagging inspections London

Snagging inspections in the London boroughs, for private clients, can be restricted by time constraints set in place by developers.

A normal snagging survey takes up to three hours to inspect a two bedroom property, which I'm sure most developers are fully aware of, therefore why do they think it is acceptable to allocate an 90 minute slot for a three hour inspection?

During an inspection last week we were placed under pressure to snag a two bedroom apartment, with balconies, by a well known developer of a large development in the Pontoon Dock area East of Canning Town.

I can only assume these reduced and unrealistic time restraints are set in place to reduce the number of defects that a professional snagging inspector can pick up within an allocated slot.

In the long run I don't see how this is helping the developer improve the quality finish of their new build and subsequently raise the quality finish of future developments and I can't see how these time restraints help secure the trust of the buyer who is also aware of the time required to conduct a snagging inspection.

Snagging report:

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Snags: 54

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