Construction snagging

Construction snagging

When a development is coming close to completion and the handover period is fast approaching, the phrase construction snagging (onsite inspection to identify, locate, log and allocate to the trades minor defects or omissions in building workmanship) can often become the curse phrase of a site manager - no matter what manpower or resources is thrown at the array of snagging issues and defects.

From large to small developments we have worked closely with developers and contractors to help address their construction snagging issues and have found that throughout the various sites there is a huge variation in the quality finish although most developments do follow the NHBC and industry standards. This could be attributed to time constraints (the development is behind schedule) therefore the trades can overlook defects and issues when under pressure to complete and sign off their workmanship, or subcontractors have a shortage of manpower or the lack of resources to tackle the snagging issues. We have also found that retention can play a big roll in not achieving a consistent quality or standard.

Often reliable processes are not in place to follow up with de-snagging checks:

There is still many contractors out there that are not utilizing user friendly and reliable snagging apps and software to tackle their snagging issues, although, in general, they are relatively easy to set up and use. The important aspect here is that most apps are user friendly, the information is live and up to date and the issues raised can be allocated quickly to the appropriate trade and when completed checked off by the trade and confirmed by management. Because the snags are allocated and directed to the trade at the outset, and the accountability and progress is clearly documented, this can result in a more efficient de-snagging process and a higher quality finish onsite.

When we are asked to help with the onsite snagging and de-snagging, as well as working alongside the developers snagging teams and their own processes, we can also install and share our snagging app with the contractor, setting up a bespoke checklist at the early stages of the development. We have found that setting up and using our proven system can often help address the snagging issues in a more efficient and cost effective manner.

Construction snagging inspector

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