Snagging inspections London - roosting pigeon delays construction

During a construction snagging inspection, of the third floor of apartments in a North London development, we we're surprised to find a nesting pigeon in the cavity of the balcony wall that was scheduled to be capped within the next coming days.

It is illegal under UK law to move or destroy any nest while occupied or still under construction so even a common wood pigeon could bring a development to a halt.

Construction companies and developers risk long costly delays if this occurs, and hefty fines if they don't adhere to the legislation therefore it is worth taking precautions to reduce the possibility of unplanned new builds occurring within the development - as shown in the image below:

This particular issue may not be considered, by some, to be within a snagging survey remit however, at the risk of ruffling a few feathers, I firmly believe that a snagging survey shouldn't be pigeonholed.

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